Thursday, January 5, 2012

Water aerobics, floating, calorie counting, etc....

So day 4  and I'm still going strong. I've gotten in 100 ounces of water in each day. I've tracked everything I've ate and have kept within my calorie count each day. I've exercised 4 ot of 5 days so far. Tomorrow will be an off day because of my schedule. I tried a water aerobics class tonight at my gym. I liked it and plan to go back. Kickboxing is starting up again this Saturday morning with a new instructor so I plan to attend and kick some butt. With all the water i've been drinking I feel like I'm floating. I drink more in the afternoon and evenings than the morning.With TOM being present that doesn't help so I'm counting down the days when he leaves. My food has been good yesterday I didn't have time for breakfast and struggled but manged to pull through and not over eat. I'm not a big breakfast eater. This week I've made myself get back in the habit and have noticed a difference in my appetite. I did pass up an invitation with a friend to have pizza, because right now I can't trust myself to eat within my boundaries. Especially something like that. It's hard to turn down offers like that. I want to see my friends and family, but I don't want to be pushed with the food. Overall, this week has been great so far and i hope the weekend goes the same way.


  1. Good for you :) I need to try a new class or something, I'm getting bored of my routine and that's dangerous!

  2. Good job! I'm looking to try new stuff like Helly says.. I'm a bit stuck in a rut!

  3. You're doing great! I'm thinking of trying spinning again. The first time I tried I lasted for 10 minutes.:-)