Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ch. 1 of Body Clutter

So one of my goals for the week was to read the 1st chapter of my new book Body Clutter. I finished reading it this afternoon and could definately relate to the women writting it. In this chapter the book talks about food being a weapon of destruction and a drug. Something goes wrong in life and the first thing we reach for is food. We use food like a drug to help comfort the soul and also to reward ourselves. Food is our comfort zone. When we're full we're content. I am a very emotional eater. Ill be the first to admit when. I get upset shoving food down my throat pushes all the stress and problems away. The first step is realizing why we are eating how much we actually eat. The book goes on discussing about how we handle our food as a drug. Do you keep lots of it around, play tug of war mind games, or lose the battle and in the end lose by beating yourself up? I can say. I've done all three. Its all about taking baby steps and.listening to our bodies. We have to learn the difference between emotional eating vs.
True hunger pains. This chapter has opened me up to realize my emotion eating stems from issues in the past that I haven't let go of So now its time to let go.  I'm learning to gear my negative into a hobby or workouts....I know.I'm rambling and probably all over the place, but I wanted to blog each chapter from my view.


  1. Sounds like an intriguing book! I wish I had more time to read books like that, but with all my curriculum I sort of can't find the time or will.. :)