Wednesday, January 25, 2012

SCC Mid week 4

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! I've been trying to get myself more motivated in my workouts. I've went to the gym Monday and Tuesday. Not sure if I will go tonight or not. I have been super exhausted this week. I just feel like I can't get enough rest. So I checked out this new site today called Has anyone used this? So far I like what I see. The food is very easy to record. I love that I can record my food and exercise and it syncs to my profile online! I'm on the go alot so this is a great feature for me. However, when I put my info in it told me to lose 2 lbs. a week to eat 1831 calories. Right now I'm doing 1640. I've been going up and down so much in the past two weeks that I'm going to give this a shot. I am really nervous adding on the 200 calories. What do you think? My Body Clutter book finally made it in today and I started reading chapter 1. Hopefully I'll have time to meet my goal and have all of the chapter read by Monday. Again I hope you are all having a great week. It's hard to believe we're in our 4th week already.


  1. I recently upped my cals by 250 per day and I've lost 2,2,4... I feel like I have more energy so far. I'm at 1640 too right now, but there are days I go over up to 1900 cals. Usually those are days where I exercise more.

    You're doing great!! Try it out, and if you don't like the results, you can always go back!

  2. I say try it out if the results are not up to your standards go back :)

  3. Glad you checked in. Slight funk over here. But will remain strong. Let me know how the book is.