Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year 2012

Today is the beginning of the new year. Another 365 days to make decisions on how to live my life. This year I want to go full force with my health. My goal for this year is to drop 50 lbs. If I lose more than that great! I'm going  to restructure my schedule so that my workout is part of my daily routine. I'm going to tone up and lose lots of inches. But most of all I'm going to be healthier. I've got to learn not to reach for food when stress hits high. Also not to reward myself with food for an achievement. I need to push away the people who continue to bring drama and stress into my zone. I will embrace those that support me and are rooting me on for the cause. I will make this year about me and getting myself back on track. So I'm asking, no I'm telling that little skinny chick inside of me to wake the hell up it's time to get to work and kick some A**.  I'm going to measure myself every couple weeks and weigh myself weekly. I have a track record for great measurements and sucky weigh ins. Hopefully with me returning to the gym, this wont be t he case and I'll win on both sides. I will keep up on my water drinking. I was really proud of myself for passing the skyline on my home from my moms today. That place is my weakness. I have to remind myself all is good in moderation and do my research on the calories. I'm going to log my exercise in each day. I've been working on the leg press to help get my ankle and knee up to running again. I'd love to try a 5k later on in the year. I start the Spring Chick challenge tomorrow and I am very excited. So as I went back and read what I had typed so far...I realized I had type I want with every sentence. So to start off right I went back and put I will. Because if I want it bad enough which I do, I WILL do what it takes! Happy New Year.

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  1. I think you are in the completely right "zone" to get where you want to go! So happy for you!