Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Midweek 9 weigh in

Today I woke up to two surprises. Tom greeted me first thing this morning which is not what I wanted on weigh in day.The good news was I got on the scale anyway and I,ve lost 5.2 lbs this week! I also had to do my measurements and lost 7.5 inches for the month of February. So I am one happy camper.


  1. Wow that is a great loss congrats.

  2. Well done hun, that's a fantastic loss!! It makes all the cutting down so worth it, when you see a result like that! :) x

  3. Hello Ry. I am one of your new followers and I was hoping you could also follow me. I just recently started my weight loss blog and I really badly need some followers that are willing to take the time to read my blogs and post motivational stuff, opinions, thoughts, stories, experiences, etc...I see this post if from Feb. so I hope you've managed to lose even more weight and I look forward to following your blogs! Thanks