Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Midweek 9 weigh in

Today I woke up to two surprises. Tom greeted me first thing this morning which is not what I wanted on weigh in day.The good news was I got on the scale anyway and I,ve lost 5.2 lbs this week! I also had to do my measurements and lost 7.5 inches for the month of February. So I am one happy camper.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week 8 Summary week 9 Goals:

Week 8 wasn't all that great, but I can honestly say I've learned from it and am ready to move on. I gained 2.2 lbs last week. I know it was all emotional from the death of my best friend. I'm dealing with my emotions alot better this week. I've worked out every day since Tuesday. Today I managed to walk/jog 5.6 miles in an hour and twenty minutes. That is huge for me. This past week I've also got back to logging my food and eating better. I feel like my head is more clear as to what I want. I took a few pictures of where I'm at now and feel good about myself and the way I look. Though I'm not close to being done with my journey it feels good to be comfortable in my own skin and feel good about it. I tried myself to reach out to someone this week and I just don't think they were ready to do it for themselves. Icn't let that stop me from achieving what I want. I did tke much better care of myself this week and felt much more at peace.

Week 9 starts tomorrow. Here are my goals for the week:
Attend Core class on Monday... follow with some more cardio , tan
Gym Tuesday  cardio and strength training
Attend Core class on Wednesday...follow with more cardio, tan
Gym Thursday cardio and strength training
Gym Friday  cardio
Saturday Kickboxing, tan
Drink at least 80 ounces of water a day
Track each meal in daily log
Take measurements and weigh in on Wednesday!

I hope you all have a great week!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Coming Back to reality

Last week was very bad. I lost one of my best friends in a car accident suddenly the Saturday. So needless to say the emotions have been full force. I have ate. At times more than I should. I tried to compensate that with workouts, but it just didn't work out in my favor this week. I've just been so upset and angry and lost. Tomorrow is weigh in day. Last Wednesday I was down one pound which put me at 20.2 lbs. lost since September. However, I wouldn't be surprise if I have a gain tomorrow. With that being said I went today and bought alot of produce. I started logging food again today and have been drinking more water. My workouts have been hit and miss, but I will get back into my groove. I have 10 lbs. to lose by my birthday in May and am determined to do so. I hope everyone has had a great week.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Weigh In and Measurements

This weeks weigh in and measurements was what I needed. I broke my plateau and lost 4.5 lbs which brings me to my lowest of 260.8. Only .8 away from my first 20 lbs. and a new weight bracket. I've lost 9 inches all the way around since Jan. 1st. So I'll definately take it. I've been to the gym each night. I plan to go to kickboxing again this Saturday and may even try Zumba. I plan to work hard this weekend all the way up to my weigh in on Wednesday. I'm determined to get into the 250's. My short term goal this year was to get down to 250 lbs. by my birthday in May. So I know it's doable I just have to keep working hard and stay focused. I hope you all are having a great week! I made this collage lastnight of my journey. The last two pics I took yesterday after my weigh in. I'm really proud of where I've come from.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 5 Summary and Week 6 Goals

This past week was rough on me. Dealing with TOM and having a stomach bug. I did however keep my food under control and continued to workout. I did not weigh in or measure last week due to TOM being in town. I will be weighing in and measuring Wednesday.

Week 5 Goals:.
  • Drink at least 80 ounces of water. = Fail. Big fail this week and I'm not sure why, I just couldn't bring myself to drink it.
  • Read Chapter 2 of Body Clutter and blog 1/2 fail I did read it, however with being sick I didn't get to blog
  • Log each meal = success
  • Workout at least 4 days minimum of an hour = success
  • Attend kickboxing on Saturday. = success
  • Time a mile to prepare for half marathon = success
4 out of 6 isn't bad. This week will be better! I have a good feeling about my measurements and my weigh in. My kickboxing class kicked butt on Saturday. I was so focused and sweaty it was unreal. I went to the gym tonight and did an hour of cardio and an hour of weights. I'm back in the game!

So here we go with week 6
Week 6 Goals:
  • Workout everyday this week
  • Log every meal
  • Continue reading Body Clutter
  • Blog twice this week
  • Improve mile time 17:10 this was with walk and jog intervals
That's it. I'm keeping it short this week so i can focus. I'm going to the city this next Sunday for my brothers birthday dinner. I am bound and determined to keep a clear head when choosing my dinner. I hope you all have a great week and thank you for all your kind words and support during my bad week!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Time To Regroup and Move On

I feel like I've been struggling the past few weeks. I'm not sure what it is. I thought I had it fixed last week when I hit the gym everyday. This week came along with TOM and the stress that goes with that. Since this last pregnancy when TOM arrives its like that 5 to 7 days is shot, because I'm lucky to be able to move. I just want to lay with aheating pad until it's gone. The motivation was there last week. I hit the gym evereyday and a couple days I hit it twice. I'm going to take tonight and tomorrow off from the gym. Give my body some rest time. I'm going to regroup and get my mind and body focused to what needs to be done next.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Week 4 Summary and Week 5 Goals

Week 4 Goals:
  • Continue to drink 80 ounces of water 1/2 Success
  • Workout 4 to 5 days this week = Success
  • Log each meal =Success
  • Read chapter one of Body Clutter =Success
  • Blog about Chapter One =Success
  • Plan my weekend meals= Success
This week wasn't so bad. I don't know what happened to my water at the end of the week. I only got in half the totals needed. I did weigh in  on Wednesday and the scale read 263.4. I will be weighing in this Wednesday. The scale is put away and it's killing me. I will be measuring on the 1st to see how many inches lost for January. I finally got to attend a kickboxing class and loved it. It was nice to do something different and I hope I'm able to attend every Saturday. I've worked out really hard the last couple of days. My goal for Febuary is to workout 21 days straight. Hopefully it creates the habit that I need and it won't be such a pain. So here are my goals for this week:

Week 5 Goals:.
  • Drink at least 80 ounces of water.
  • Read Chapter 2 of Body Clutter and blog
  • Log each meal
  • Workout at least 4 days minimum of an hour
  • Attend kickboxing on Saturday.
  • Time a mile to prepare for half marathon
Pretty much most are repeat from before. Babysteps is what I keep telling myself. The jogging is becoming easier. I am noticing pain in my knee when I'm done. I'm sure it's just going to take time to get used to. I just don't want to go overboard. I won't be doing the mini challenge as I don't really drink it anyway and have been stuck on water for months. I just need to keep my water count up.