Wednesday, December 28, 2011

From Fat to Fit with Ry

So one of my resolutions for 2012 is to blog my success and failures. However I do have a facebook page called Ry's Fat to Fit Journey you should check out, I decided to do this blog to lay everything on the line and let my fingers do the talking. I've been overweight most of my life since the fourth grade. I had a bad accident in 97 where I really put on the lbs. I was active in high school and maintained but I was still the chunky girl. Once I was out of high school, I dropped a little of the weight. I feel like I've been the same size for the past ten years. I tend to eat due to stress, but I'm working on it. When I'm bored I try to snack so I've picked up some new hobbies. I had my son in April of 2008 and hit 312.  Never in my life had I ever thought I would get that big. At the end of 2009 I was planning my wedding and wasn't looking forward due to my weight. So I decided to start then. By October 2010 I had lost 61 lbs and felt great. Well then came baby number two in July. Fortunately I did better with my eating with her and didn't gain as much. So my journey this time starts out at 280 which started in September of this year. My lowest weight of ths journey has been 262 which was week ago. With the holidays coming through I've decided not to weigh myself till the new year. My short term goal is 250 my longterm being 200 and down from there. All I'm doing is counting calories and exercising. When I was getting ready for my wedding I had all the motivation in the world and would easily go to the gym 5 to 6 days a week for a couple hours at a time. This round however, I haven't been so lucky. So as of now I'm thinking of my goals for 2012 and hope to do some challenges and lose alot of weight and tone up the mommy body. I wish you all luck on your journeys!


  1. We can do this. My kids are about the same a yours. My first May 2008, my second, May 2010. My highest weight was right before my second was born at 275. We will do this together.

  2. You will find the motivation and get this done for good!!

    I found my motivation came this year wanting to be around longer for my kids. I want to see as much of their life as I can! ALSO I'm turning THIRTY... I want to make my 30s ROCK!